What is EFE 330?

Education for Employment Systems (EFEs) were developed in the 1980's by the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Legislature to provide leadership for the state's Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs under Perkins Legislative requirements for program development and accountability. The purpose of EFE #330 is to:

  • provide leadership, support, and technical assistance for K-12 CTE programs

  • manage state and federal resources designed to deliver quality CTE programs in an efficient manner

  • submit and administer career and technical education related grants and disperse funds and services to member districts

  • provide curriculum and program development

  • provide staff professional development opportunities for teachers, counselors and administrators

  • collect data to provide assistance in the areas of accountability and the development of performance standards

  • assist schools with technology and equipment updates

  • provide the infrastructure for linking K-12 education with community colleges/universities, business and industry

  • provide assistance to CTE “Special Population” students. This includes students who are academically, financially, educationally, or physically disadvantaged

  • enable all students to be prepared for employment, continuing education and productive citizenship in today’s global market

As an educational cooperative, EFE #330 is a not-for-profit entity and functions under the same guidelines as public school systems. EFE #330 is located in Champaign, IL and employs four full-time employees and one part-time employee. A governing board made up of member-district Superintendents meets monthly.  Additionally, the EFE #330 fiscal agent is located at Heritage CUSD #8 in Homer, IL.


System Director

Amanda Brockway
Special Projects Coordinator
Contact: ahenegar@efe.k12.il.us

Shelly Dunn
Fiscal Coordinator
Contact: sdunn@efe.k12.il.us

Kim Theis
SIS Coordinator
Contact: ktheis@efe.k12.il.us