Chances are, you've found many areas in which your schooling didn't prepare you for parenthood, and now you've probably found one more-knowing how to help your children with career planning! National polls tell us that parents are the primary influence on the career development of their children - their choices abut education in and after high school and about their work. 

It may seem at first glance that we end up in one occupation or another through chance. Though there is an element of chance, there is also a step by step process of planning that can be very helpful. Following this process will increase the likelihood that your child will make choices that are more satisfying. So, the purpose of this page is to inform you about that process and to suggest ways that you as a parent or significant adult in a young person's life, can help.  


Career Cruising Springboard ( is an online career development system. This program is offered to all students in the EFE #330 region at no cost through an agreement between EFE #330 and Parkland College. The adjacent graphic represents how you can be involved in your child's process and how Career Cruising can help.